Educational Consulting

Arthur Firestone Associates would be pleased to consult with you regarding organizational challenges you are facing, provide leader and teacher coaching, facilitate school dialogue, decision-making, or planning, and provide professional development workshops and workshop series for members of your school staff. Among the topics that might be addressed in consultations, workshops, or seminars are:

▪Instructional Leadership to Improve Student Learning
▪The Observation and Evaluation of Teachers
▪Coaching to Improve Instruction
▪Overcoming Resistance to Change: Motivating Reluctant Staff
▪Teacher Leadership: Changing the Culture of Schools
▪Creating a Supervisory Model to Improve Leadership
▪Data-Driven Decision Making and Planning for the School and district

▪Creating an Instructional Model to Guide Classroom Practice
▪Curriculum Design
▪Instructional Design and Teaching for Extended Periods
▪Reflective Practice in the Classroom: Outcome-Based Planning
▪Data-Driven Decision Making and Planning
▪Diagnostic Classroom Assessments
▪Cooperative Learning: Building Student Enthusiasm
▪Mediating Student Cognitive Processing
▪Differentiating Instruction to Reach Every Child
▪Graphic Organizers and Concept Maps to Guide and Extend Learning
▪Instructional Design to Promote Deep Student Learning
▪Promoting Critical and Creative Thinking through Powerful Questions
▪Data-Driven Decision Making and Planning for the Classroom
▪Socratic Seminars and Philosophic Chairs: Firing up Student Dialogue
▪Integrating the Curriculum: Connections that Make Sense to Students
▪Engaging Multiple Intelligences = Engaging Student Learners
▪Teachers Helping Teachers: Peer Coaching
▪Improving Student Test-Taking Skills and Scores
▪Research-Based Instructional Strategies for Long-Term Learning
▪Teaching in the Middle School

▪Building Professional Communities: Teams and Teamwork
▪Creative Scheduling to Enable Effective Instruction
▪Applying Strategic Thinking and Planning in the School and District
▪Transitioning to a Middle School

We can also help your organization with the facilitation of a Long-Range Planning process, the revision of formal Observation and Evaluation policies and practices, school and district audits, or any other classroom, school, or district challenge. Please contact me at for more information.
Arthur Firestone