I have been a PHOTOGRAPHER for over forty years, traveling each summer with my family and cameras to, among many other destinations, our favorite cities (Paris, Lyon, Rome, and Venice) and countryside (Provence, Dordogne, and Tuscany). I am delighted that my wife and daughter share my love of photography, taking their own photographs and being patient with me as I seek the best perspective, lighting, and designs for my pictures. Photography has brought me great joy and satisfaction as well as being a wonderful way to keep the beauty and wonders of these beautiful and fascinating places close to me while at home.

As an EDUCATIONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTANT, I have been involved with New Jersey public education for more than 40 years. Since retiring from a career as a teacher and administrator, I have served as a coach and trainer for more than 125 school districts through Arthur Firestone Associates, the Coalition of Essential Schools, the NJ Principals and Supervisors Association, and as the lead coach for the NJ Department of Educationā€˜s teacher leadership project. I have also presented at state and national conferences for a variety of professional organizations including the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the National Middle Schools Association, the International Reading Association, the NJ Education Association, the NJ School Boards Association, and the Foundation for Educational Administration. I have extensive experience in training both teachers and administrators in the areas of curriculum development, instructional design and practices, assessment, organizational development, positive supervision, creating instructional models, observing and evaluating teachers, and instructional leadership. I am the author of, THE ASSESSMENT OF TEACHING COMPETENCE: Rethinking the Observation and Evaluation of Classroom Teachers, a book that promotes coaching rather than directing as the primary approach to helping teachers improve practice. I am also co-author of an e-book book, written in collaboration with Sharon McCarthy, entitled EMERGENCE, CONVERGENCE, AND DISCOVERY, A Pathway to Distributed and Collaborative Leadership in Schools.